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Our expert technicians provide you with fast, honest in-home appliance repair services to Utah customers. We are family owned and operated with professionally trained technicians to diagnose and repair all major appliances and brands. The Appliance Mechanic is licensed and insured.

Common Issues We Fix

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  • Vibrating washer
  • Leaky washer
  • Noisy washer
  • Washer does not run
  • Washer does not drain
  • Detergent not dispensing
  • Smelly washer
  • And more
  • Vibrating dryer
  • Dryer does not run
  • Dryer does not heat up
  • Dryer runs but shuts off quickly
  • And more
  • Refrigerator leaking water onto the floor
  • Freezer isn’t freezing
  • Refrigerator is freezing food
  • Ice maker is overflowing
  • Fresh food compartment is warm
  • And more
  • Microwave not turning on
  • Microwave plate not turning
  • Microwave door won’t close
  • Microwave does not shut off
  • Microwave not heating
  • And more
  • Oven won’t heat up
  • Oven does not stay at the correct temperature
  • Oven door won’t shut
  • Oven light won’t turn on
  • Oven won’t self-clean
  • And more
  • Stove gas burner won’t light
  • Stove gas burner is heating slowly
  • Stove electric burner won’t heat
  • Gas stove keeps clicking
  • And more
  • Freezer has lots of frost building up
  • Freezer is too cold
  • Freezer is too warm
  • Freezer gives food freezer burn
  • Freezer is noisy
  • And more
  • Garbage disposal is not turning on
  • Garbage disposal is jammed
  • Garbage disposal is leaking
  • Garbage disposal is noisy
  • And more
  • Dishes not drying
  • Dishwasher not draining
  • Dishwasher leaves spots or film on glassware
  • Dishwasher running too long
  • Crumbs and food on dishes
  • And more

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Scheduled an appointment a week in advance using their online form. The day before the appointment, I received an email reminder. They were a no show. When I called their number, it went directly to voice mail. No greeting or anything. They never called me back. Hopefully the next company I call actually shows up. Edit- They reached out to me immediately after I posted this review. He just had a baby and forgot to turn the scheduling service off. Understandable. He went above and beyond by offering to come out in a few days and only charge me the cost of parts. Not necessary but appreciated. Seems to be a very upstanding and reputable person. I will use him in the future if I ever have a need.
Mike Tweet
Mike Tweet
Great service & very knowledgeable! Showed up on the drop of a dime and got us squared away. We’ve used him twice now for multiple appliance services and have been extremely happy! We will continue to use this company for all appliance services. Thank you Hayden.
P Latu
P Latu
Mechanic Hayden was here on time. Found exactly what the problem was to my dryer losing heat and showed me the cause of it. He worked out a reasonable price that was worth fixing. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is needing their appliances looked at. Thanks!
Edward Ketcham
Edward Ketcham
I was so impressed with my experience with this company. Hayden was able to diagnose the problem just by me explaining to him the symptoms. When he took apart our dryer he was able to verify the part that needed replacing and even went out of his way to show me how the part was broken. He was completely transparent and charged a very reasonable price. I will definitely hire them again in the future.
Mitchell Marx
Mitchell Marx
Great appliances for a great price.
Fabulous service! I am very happy with my recent experience with the appliance mechanic. Worried I would have to purchase a new refrigerator, I decided to call for repairs first. I'm glad I did. Technician profesinally diagnosed the problem and proceeded to repairs in a timely manner. I am very confident in the service provided as he was knowledgeable and well prepared. I will keep this company on speed dial for all future repairs. Very impressed!
Ignacio Vega
Ignacio Vega
Repaired my appliances and they still work. 10/10 I would use again.

About Your Appliance Mechanic

At The Appliance Mechanic our mission is to help you get your broken appliances fixed fast for a fair and honest price. Our expert technicians have been trained to work on all major appliances and brands and bring years of appliance repair knowledge to every job.

We guarantee that our technicians are competent, honest, efficient and prepared for every appliance repair job. As technology changes our technicians knowledge of best industry practices deepens as well to keep up with all modern appliances.

Most of our appliance repair jobs can be completed the same day we diagnose the issue with your appliance. If parts need to be ordered we will keep you up to date with the progress and schedule your repair as quick as we can once parts are received.

If you need an appliance repaired now we are happy to help. Give us a call to schedule a time for us to visit.

Areas We Serve

The Appliance Mechanic is owned and operated in Utah. Our primary service areas include Salt Lake County, Utah County, and Tooele County.